100% Wood Pulp Electric Insulation Papers Cable Paper

100% Wood Pulp Electric Insulation Papers Cable Paper

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  1. Cable paper

Cable paper, also known as insulating paper, is a paper with insulating residence and grey decline operate. Cable paper is also recognized as cable insulation paper. An insulating paper for higher-voltage power cables, control cables and signal cables. It is specifically used for electromagnetic wire manufacturing facility, transformer manufacturing facility, mutual inductor manufacturing unit and reactor manufacturing unit.
Underneath the premise of the original cable paper, the cable tape is sliced into various widths, which can efficiently management the expense, conserve time, improve performance and decrease numerous troubles.
Cable tape also has clean and tidy processing environment, which can properly ensure its insulation medium, ash decline and other efficiency.
Cable paper is wrapped in the outermost layer of the cable to defend the insulating layer of the conductive main from damp invasion and damage to the insulating layer. For world wide web. The quantification is forty five ~ 175g/m2. Paper is hard and smooth. It has larger tensile strength, folding resistance and tear power. It contains no metals, sand grains and acidic materials that can carry out electric power. The dielectric consistent is high. The electricity issue is lower. When dealt with with insulating liquid, the stability of paper is excellent. Its varieties are labeled according to different thickness or shade. Using unbleached kraft softwood pulp as raw materials, right after free of charge beating, CZPT sizing and filling, it was produced on a lengthy monitor paper machine. Flip to flip insulation for wires or cables.
Technical specs and thickness of cable paper:
1, cable paper D130 D90 D80 D75 and so forth.
two, cable paper tape D70 D60 D50 and many others.
three. Thickness of cable paper: 130um, 170um, 200um, 80um, 75um, 70um, 50um.


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HangCZPT Ruiyuan insulation materials co.,ltd insist on the
idea ” GOOD QULAITY, Very good Service “. it is build 20years previous.
It is found in HangCZPT CZPT, ZheJiang Province, China. From 2571 12 months outdated our firm get started deal global trade, based mostly on the original organization. Till now we import and export to a lot of contries, this sort of as United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ukrain, Bulgaria, Italy, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Korea, Brzil and so on.
 Our production approach is major in this discipline and well recognized in the entire world. Now there are a lot more than twenty merchandise facilities, and one hundred and five personnel, including 5 senior complex, twenty intermediate technological. Major merchandise are created on worldwide standard.
Our items mostly utilised for transformer and electrical motor, we creates insulation paper, insulation board, insulation tape,insulation movie and also revenue PTFE  FR4 PA6 and cable wire.
We will develop with you by very best-good quality items, heat-hearted provider and mutually beneficial cooperation!

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100% Wood Pulp Electric Insulation Papers Cable Paper

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