30kw 3000rpm 237VAC Motor as Coche Electrico Kit De Conversion for 1200kg

30kw 3000rpm 237VAC Motor as Coche Electrico Kit De Conversion for 1200kg

CZPT Vechicle Use Long lasting Magnet Brushless Motor 30KW3000rpm237Vac EIF-PM35717                

Very first, you should have a Fast Check out if this design is  you are searching for:    
1. our EIF-PM35717 rated at 30kw3000rpm237VAC can have rated torque at 115Nm, rated present at 83A, peak pace is 6000rpm, peak recent is 340A. More Product listing. 
 EIFPM Motor CZPT Specification Table 

Rated Power Rated Voltage Rated Pace Rated Torque Peak Electricity
7.5KW 48V/60V/72V/96V/108V/144V 3000rpm 22.3NM 16KW
10KW 60V/72V/96V/108V/144V 3000rpm 31.8NM 24KW
15KW 96V/108V/144V 3000rpm 47.7NM 32KW
22KW 96V/108V/144V 3000rpm 70.1NM 50KW
30KW 310V 3000rpm 115NM 60KW
60KW 310V 3000rpm 191NM 150KW

2. It can be broadly utilized for electric truck, electrical bus, cnc device instruments, mining mechnical equipments as driving electrical power and you need to have the proper management technique preset by our matching travel.                                               
three. Please check the drawing below to see if suitable for you. There are several alternatives. We can also customise.                        
4. Remember to ship your details to get technical consultation for your actual usage

Remember to see video clips of take a look at and application at 
EIFPMG youtube channel EPchannel/UCH1GHPIIBDPKGHRnosdf4aQ (EIFPMG guides a full collection of EIF Motor, EIF micro grid, we use EIFPMG to consist of all.)

Specification Case in point: please get total examination report from our technological department  . 

CZPT Drawing: we have several options of shaft link. Can customize if you have particular requirement. 

What we will do for you:                        
one. provide specialized consultant prior to purchase and validate your true technical need in accordance to your description on use inside 1-three functioning days                        
2. supply the right and authorized beneath significant high quality inspection program stepper motor product inside 10 times(iF CZPT model,we will recheck the shipping time)                        
3. give complex help when the motor comes you, to make confident you can operate your machine easily with our motor               
4. supply 1 year guarantee, and entire daily life complex support                        
5. usually update our item data with you.       

Make sure you have a general perception on our strict creation by images:           


Our work for motor and push method in electric powered vehicle and automation subject application : about EIFMotor                        
2012-2013: Primarily based on our generation and RD potential of everlasting magnet generator, we began to build everlasting magnet brushless motor for electric powered car, and expanded motor programs to common market use with its substantial performance.                    
2014: We expanded motor organization to brushless dc, stepper/servo, asynchronous motor drive program, and produced itas an essential seperate element of business EIFMOTOR.                    
2015-2018: We increased our motor strengths on facets: boost motor take a look at line, mix servo motor, drive with gearbox to fulfil as clever unit, broaden applications of asynchrnous motor to be a special CZPT motor part For yet another part, we have cooperation with SUNATE EV, we can assistance EV assembly line construction tasks, and offer our motor generate program with each other.                    

Now we have EIFMotor absorbedly enhancing automation and EV motor generate program subject programs. We are putting our enthusiasm and effort in this wonderful job.

Please follow us at website, , and youtube channel and develop automation and EV motor apps up together!


30kw 3000rpm 237VAC Motor as Coche Electrico Kit De Conversion for 1200kg

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