6kv High Voltage Squirrel Cage Three Phase Asynchronous Electric Induction Motor

6kv High Voltage Squirrel Cage Three Phase Asynchronous Electric Induction Motor

YKS series (6KV) large-voltage squirrel cage motor adopts the internationally popular box framework. The foundation and end go over are made of metal plate welded with great rigidity and light-weight bodyweight. Soon after getting rid of the protecting include (or cooler), you can notice and contact the within of the motor to facilitate the installation and upkeep of the motor. The stator adopts an exterior press-match composition. The stator winding adopts F-course insulation materials and anti-corona substance. The winding finish is mounted by a specific lashing procedure, which is agency and reliable. The total stator is vacuum-impregnated with F-course solvent-totally free paint (VPI). As a result, the motor has outstanding and dependable insulation qualities and resistance to moisture and influence.
YKS series (6KV) higher-voltage asynchronous motor motor rotor adopts copper cage rotor when the guidebook bar and the stop ring are welded by medium frequency, and the rotor copper strip is processed by the groove fastening process, so it has large trustworthiness.
The YKS series (6KV) high-voltage drinking water-cooled motor rotor coil is manufactured of copper strips and is coated with F-class insulation substance. The welding among the coils and among the guide copper strip and the coil is silver brazed to ensure the dependability of the motor operation. The bearing adopts finish cap variety spherical simple bearing, which has the benefits of robust load potential and practical maintenance. The principal outlet box is sealed and has a degree of safety of IP54. It is normally mounted on the correct facet of the motor (from the shaft finish) and can be mounted on the still left aspect in accordance to person requirements. The cable entry hole of the outlet box can be switched upwards, downwards, remaining and appropriate. There is a different ground terminal in the box. When the motor energy is 2000 kW or far more, a secondary outlet box is also presented on the other facet of the motor opposite to the primary outlet box for getting out the neutral position of the stator a few-section winding.

Heart peak range: H450 ~ 630mm
Power range: 220kW~2500kW
Amount of poles: two/4/six/eight/10/twelve
Rated voltage: 10000V/11000V
Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Protection level: IP44 or IP54
Insulation class: F
Function method: S1 (constant)
Cooling technique: IC81W
Installation sort: IMB3
Motor relationship: Y (three outlet terminals in the junction box, the junction box from the extension of the spindle is positioned on the right facet of the foundation)
Altitude: no more than 1000m
This kind of motor is suited for use in environments in which the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ° C and there is no critical dust, the minimal ambient air temperature is -15 ° C, and there is no corrosive and explosive gasoline in the air (which can also be produced into a damp warmth or higher-altitude motor).

No. Squirrel cage motor Y YKK YKS Y2
Slip ring motor YR YRKK YRKS /
1 Construction Box-type construction, made up of steel plates welded with each other Compact struction
2 Cooling method IC01 or (IC11, IC21, IC31) IC611 or IC616 IC81W IC411
3 Natural ventilation, with top mounted protection cover With top mounted air-air cooler With top mounted air-water cooler  
four Protection type IP23 IP44 or IP54 IP44 or IP54 IP54
5 Insulation F
six Mounting arrangement IMB3
7 Voltage CZPT 3kv, 3.3kv 6kv, 6.6kv 10kv, 11kv
eight Frequency CZPT 50HZ 60HZ 0-100HZ

YKS series (6KV) drinking water-cooled substantial-voltage motor adopts the internationally well-liked box composition. The foundation and conclude include are made of metal plate welded with good rigidity and light-weight bodyweight. After removing the protective cover (or cooler), you can observe and touch the inside of the motor to facilitate the set up and upkeep of the motor. The stator adopts an exterior push-in shape structure. The stator windings are created of Class F insulation materials and anti-corona substance. The winding ends are set by a unique lashing approach, which is company and trustworthy. The entire stator is handled with vacuum strain impregnated Course F solventless paint (VPI). Thus, the motor has superb and trustworthy insulation qualities and moisture and impact resistance.

The motor merchandise manufactured by our firm have acquired the CZPT good quality management management technique certification, handed the CCC/COC, China strength-preserving item certification, and handed the certification certificates of CE/UL/IRIS/CAS and other CZPTpean and American nations. The company strictly increases the quality and efficient motor goods and services for consumers in strict accordance with the demands of appropriate product specifications.

one. The outer packaging of the goods are all normal export-oriented wooden plywood packaging.
2, the product packaging is secured by humidity, drinking water plastic soft packaging
3. For products with unique transportation specifications (this sort of as temperature, fragile, variability, and straightforward to get wet), the packaging security steps will be strengthened, and the focus on mark will be printed on the package.
four. There are evident symptoms and symbols on the packing box that must be compensated interest to throughout transportation and storage (this kind of as situation, humidity, rain, shockproof, lifting place, etc.).

There are many sorts of motor goods produced and bought by our company. The main merchandise are large- and reduced-voltage 3-phase asynchronous motors. The motor framework kinds include squirrel-cage type and winding sort. Amid them, higher-voltage synchronous motors primarily support air compressors and mine ball mill gear. use. We adhere to the support tenet of “emphasis on merchandise, provider with heart” and provide high-high quality motor goods to buyers.


6kv High Voltage Squirrel Cage Three Phase Asynchronous Electric Induction Motor

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