China Manufacturer Sheet Metal Stamping, Electromagnetic Motor Parts

China Manufacturer Sheet Metal Stamping, Electromagnetic Motor Parts


HangCZPT Really worth CZPT Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2001 , Company is positioned in the Chinese historic city — HangCZPT. Our firm has been engaged in generating custom made engineering accessories, OEM/ODM spare areas and industrial components for many many years, such as sand casting parts and expense casting spare components, forging elements, sheet metallic stamping spare areas, machined elements and plastic elements, which are broadly employed in petrochemical, car, chemical, environmental protection , equipment, design, agriculture, aerospace, maritime hardware and other industries.



Stamping (also acknowledged as urgent) is the process of inserting flat sheet metal in possibly blank or coil type into a stamping press exactly where a resource and die floor types the steel into a net shape. Stamping includes a range of sheet-metallic forming producing processes, this kind of as punching making use of a device press or stamping push, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining. This could be a solitary phase operation exactly where each stroke of the push creates the desired kind on the sheet steel component, or could occur by way of a sequence of stages. The process is generally carried out on sheet metal, but can also be employed on other supplies, this sort of as polystyrene.

Deep drawing is a sheet steel forming approach in which a sheet metal blank is radially drawn into a forming die by the mechanical action of a punch. It is thus a shape transformation method with materials retention. The method is regarded as “deep” drawing when the depth of the drawn portion exceeds its diameter. This is attained by redrawing the portion through a series of dies. The flange region (sheet steel in the die shoulder location) ordeals a radial drawing anxiety and a tangential compressive tension due to the substance retention house. These compressive stresses (hoop stresses) outcome in flange wrinkles (wrinkles of the initial order). Wrinkles can be prevented by using a blank holder, the perform of which is to aid controlled material circulation into the die radius.

Company Capabilities:
(1).CNC machining parts
(2).The fabrication
(three).The mechanical assemble
(four).The Surface treatment
Plating :three+Cr,environmental,anti-corrosion maximum 480 hours salt spray test
Coating:powder coating,electrcial coating,maximum 480 hours salt spray test
Painting:environmental EXPOSY painting,cross-cutting test
Polish:satin polish,mirror polish,electrical polish, maximum 1200 grid
Dacromet:evironmental,anti-corrosion,maximum 560 hours salt spary test
Anodization:tumble,shot blast,sand blast…..,various color,maximum 480 hours salt spray test
Nylok:restricted-locking,environmental,5 million times
Heat Treatment:adjust the mechanical properties,mood,normalization,quench……
(5).The Variousl Material
stainless steel:SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS316L,SS430,SS201……
steel alloy:25CrMo,42CrMo,25Cr,40Cr,Q345,11SMn30……
iron cast:QT600,QT250,HT450,HT150……
titanium alloy:GR2,GR5,GR7,GR9……
tungsten alloy:WuNiFe alloy,Carbide Wolfram……
the blanks:stamping parts,forging parts,die casting parts,profile,extrusion……
the plastic:PP,PE,POM,Acrylic,Ab muscles,Delrin……




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China Manufacturer Sheet Metal Stamping, Electromagnetic Motor Parts

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