Color Master Batch Extrusion Machine with Recycled PE

Color Master Batch Extrusion Machine with Recycled PE

              Color CZPT Batch Extrusion Device With Recycled PE

Solution description:

Definition of coloration master batch:

By the substantial proportion of additives, thermoplastic resin, pigments or the good dispersion of plastic colorants, it chooses the resin of colorants that have very good wetting and dispersing impact and excellent compatibility with becoming shaded substance. It can be explained like: PP/PE/PET/PVC provider + pigment + additives = coloration master batch.

CZPTly, we use the unique type of extruder to create this variety of coloration grasp batch: ATE Twin Screw Extruder. ATE Collection Co-rotating Parallel Twin Screw Extruder is made up of motor drive, torque distribution gearbox, processing section, temperature managing models, die area and down-stream pelletizing system, and many others


1.ATE Series Compounding and Granulating line for Colour CZPT Batch

Process Shade master batch compounding and granulating
Application 50-sixty%PP/PE/PVC/PET, forty%pigment, eight%additives
Coloration CZPT batch: pigment +additives+ PE/PP/PVC/PET  provider
Output 40-500kg/h, based on the issue of raw
Material,  formulation and processing, and so forth.

two.Major devices incorporated in creation line

NO. Identify
1 SHR500A Higher Pace Mixer
two Screw Loader
3 Principal feeder
4 ATE series Twin Screw Extruder
5 CZPT Control System(cupboard)
six Strands Pelletizing System/ Beneath-h2o Pelletizing System
7 Vibrating screen
eight Solution hopper

Introduction of parts of ATE Twin Screw Extruder

ATE Twin Screw Extruder adopts modular design and style basic principle, element standardization manufacturing, which can current secure and reliable overall performance. Many thanks to the modular basic principle, ATE extruders can supply hugely customizable solutions according to customers’ method and special specifications. Primarily based on different output torque grade, ATE series extruders have basic type and effectiveness kind.

Method area consists of barrels, screw shafts, screw aspects, specific temperature heating and cooling unit. Barrels and screw components are created in block theory.

Block composition makes it possible for the screw elements merge and sequence optimized to realize the procedure:

Conveying-CZPTization- Compounding & Dispersion- Homogenization- Degassing- Stress developing

Also Block structure allows the barrels modify freely to the fit the approach need.

Based mostly on different approach place, ATE extruders have distinct barrels sort: feeding barrel, side feeding barrel, near barrel, open on leading barrel, vacuum vent barrel, and so forth. According to the distinct jobs’ requirement, barrels’ resources can be nitride metal or bimetallic metal.

A number of cutting techniques can be combined with ATE Twin Screw Extruder, this sort of as strands pelletizing, sizzling-experience reducing and under-drinking water pelletizing, etc.

Each Instrument control and PLC management are CZPT to use in the ATE electrical managing technique. All the important electrical elements undertake CZPTpean brand names to assure the managing system with considerable and stable functionality.

Main complex specification

Equipment Size Screw Diameter(mm) L/D Screw Speed
Motor energy(Kw) Torque per shaft(Nm) Specific torque
Throughput rate(kg/h)
ATE35 35.6 36-forty four 600 fifteen a hundred and fifteen four.2 40-eighty
ATE52 fifty one.four 36-forty four 600 fifty five 415 five.two 120-one hundred fifty
ATE65 sixty two.4 36-forty four 600 ninety 675 4.eight 250-350
ATE75 71 36-44 600 132 990 four.six 350-five hundred

Benefits of color master batch:

one. Large concentration of pigment

two. Excellent dispersion, very good heat-resistant, high coloration fastness, secure functionality and exhibits vivid colour

3. Non-poisonous, environmental-friendly

four. Compatible with different substance PE/PP/PS/Abdominal muscles/HIPS/PVC/TPR and so on.five. Vast application: blow moulding, blowing film, injection moulding, extrusion,

five. Wide application: blow moulding, blowing movie, injection moulding, extrusion, spin-dyeing, cable sheathing, and many others.

6. Selection of industrial application: office automation, family appliances, movie and packing materials, textile, sheet, pipe, health-related appliances, toys and so on.

Positive aspects of the production line

one.It can produce high-top quality, higher-quantity filler learn batch

2.It operates with higher effectiveness

3.It is computerized with higher automation

In addition: We give the equipment of good top quality (Strict high quality manage, great reputation in the marketplace) and the great service, we supply the merchandise on time.


Color Master Batch Extrusion Machine with Recycled PE

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