Hangkai 40HP 2 Stroke Gasoline Fuel Type Outboard Engine for Boat

Hangkai 40HP 2 Stroke Gasoline Fuel Type Outboard Engine for Boat

HANGKAI 40HP 2 Stroke Gasoline Fuel Type Outboard Motor for Boat

Merchandise Details:


HANGKAI TWO STROKE 40HP Lengthy SHAFT BOAT Engine Attributes:

one. Compact and lightweight with convenient carrying handle

2. Quiet efficient 2 stroke marine engine

three. High grade marine aluminum alloy for ultimate corrosion protection

4. Tilt & trim with shallow water drive various positions

five. Twist grip throttle control for easy maneuverability & safety

six. Thermostat controlled water cooling system

7. Safety lanyard with emergency shut off

8. Easy CZPT-neutral-reverse gear shifting

9. Vibration reduction system for smooth performance

10. CZPTt in gear protection for increased safety

11. Adjustable steering friction for easier maneuverability

twelve. CDI ignition system for trouble free starting

thirteen. Innovative large recoil wheel assists easy starting

14. Quiet, through the propeller hub exhaust

fifteen. Low emissions, quiet operation boat engine

sixteen. Quality 24Lfuel tank with hose



 40HP boat engines are the perfect choice for large boat inflatable, Aluminum or Fiberglass boats with great 

operating convenience. HANGKAI has been supplying reliable, heavyduty outboard engines to the most demanding boaters of all : the people who make their living on the water. These outboard engines are designed from 

the bottom up to take the strain of long continuous hours of hard use.    





1)Max. Output: 29.40KW /40HP(L)

two)Full throttle operating5range (rpm): 4500-5500

three)Stroke: 2


five)Displacement (ml): 703CC

6)Bore×Stroke (mm): 80×70

7)Dimensions (L×W× H) mm: 1106×408×1340

eight)Transom height: 508mm

nine)CZPTting system: Manual

ten)Control system: manual tilt

eleven)Gear shift position: F-N-R

twelve)Gear ratio:two.08(27:thirteen)

thirteen)Propeller options: three-11 three/8″×12″

14) CZPTmmended Fuel: # 93 Lead-free gasoline

fifteen)CZPTmmended Gear Oil: Professional Gear Oil

sixteen)Lubrication System: Mixed fuel & oil (thirty/fifty: one)


Hangkai 40HP 2 Stroke Gasoline Fuel Type Outboard Engine for Boat

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