NEMA 17 Knurling Hybrid Stepping Stepper Motor for CNC Machine

NEMA 17 Knurling Hybrid Stepping Stepper Motor for CNC Machine

NEMA seventeen Connector Sort Stepping Motor 
49mm .48N.m stepper motor


Product name: NEMA 17 connector type hybrid stepping motor
Model Present Holding torque Duration
17S231-01S/D .six .sixteen
17S231-02S/D one.two .sixteen
17S235-01S/D .six .25 34.1
17S235-02S/D one.2 .twenty five
17S241-01S/D .six .four 40.1
17S241-02S/D one.2 .4 40.1
17S249-01S/D .six .48 forty eight.1
17S249-02S/D 1.2 .48 48.1
17S249-03S/D 1.8 .48
17S261-01S/D .six .72
17S261-02S/D 1.2 .seventy two
17S261-03S/D one.8 .seventy two sixty.1


Product name: NEMA 17 standard type hybrid stepping motor
Model Present Holding torque Length
17H231-01S/D .6 .16
17H231-02S/D 1.2 .sixteen
17H235-01S/D .6 .twenty five
17H235-02S/D 1.2 .twenty five 34.1
17H241-01S/D .6 .four forty.1
17H241-02S/D 1.2 .four
17H249-01S/D .6 .48 forty eight.1
17H249-02S/D one.two .forty eight forty eight.1
17H249-03S/D 1.eight .48
17H261-01S/D .6 .seventy two sixty.1
17H261-02S/D one.2 .seventy two
17H261-03S/D one.8 .72

a). For industrial automation equipment: 3D printer, CNC machine, Spark cutting, Engraving machine, Textile machinery, Computer embroidery machine, Packaging machine, Medical equipment robot, manipulator etc.

b). For office automation equipment, computer peripherals: Typewriter, Copying machine, Graph plotter, Stage lighting, ATM machine, Bankbook printer etc.

c). In the field of aerospace and military high-tech: Aircraft, Tank, Satellite etc.

all sorts of change

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Payment: TT, L/C, DP, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n, Alipay
Supply time: two~three weeks
Export port: ZheJiang China
Origin: HangCZPT, China
HS Code: 850115710

Bundle & Storage
Within: Large-density foam box
outdoors: hardboard carton box
Packing Qty: 15pcs/Carton
Export bulk packing: Carton + Pallet

NEMA 17 Knurling Hybrid Stepping Stepper Motor for CNC Machine

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