Non Woven Cutting Machine Slitter Machine

Non Woven Cutting Machine Slitter Machine

Non Woven Cutting Machine Slitter Device


one. The full device is outfitted with PLC(four vector motor), and with a touch monitor and male-machine interface in procedure.
two. The unwinding transmission belt is govemed by a vector motor, and PLC can automatically estimate the unwinding roller diameter, which can accomplish the unwinding tension handle consistently.

3. The traction transmission adopts vector frequency inverter controlling the vector motor, constantly managing at a linear pace.
four. The rewinding transmission adopts a vector motor, modified by vector freque-ncy inverter and PLC can routinely determine the rewinding roller diameter, which can achieve the rewinding stress management consistently.

5. The rewinding and unwinding unit adopts shaft-cost-free main(also known as inflat-able air shaft feeding), which is to feed by way of clipping intently by a thread rod, and the looseness and tightness adjustment is accomplished electrically as effectively.
6. The edge-correction actuator is static with the motion program ranging to 120mm.
seven. It adopts the spherical and flat blades to slit.
eight. The technique of the device has the operate of meter-counting, roll diameter operation and protecting the machine even though it absence of materials, attaining the slitting by setting the meters and roll diameter

Item  parameter width 1.6M two.4M 3.2M Mark 
Slitting  machine 
Mechanical  speed  10-260m/min 10-260m/min ten-260m/min  
Mechanical  energy 5.5KW five.5KW 7.5KW Electromagnetism  velocity  modulation  dynamo
Material  feeding  width 2050mm 2750mm 3650mm  
Mini.reducing width          100mm 100mm 100mm  
Max cutting width          Φ 600mm Φ 600mm Φ 600mm  

Non Woven Cutting Machine Slitter Machine

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