Phenolic Cotton Fabric Insulation Tube Pipe

Phenolic Cotton Fabric Insulation Tube Pipe

Phenolic cotton cloth laminated tube/pipe are manufactured of cotton fabric impregnated phenolic resin,
then be dried and cured in mould under pressure with heat and machined to kind a single rod.

#Excellent dielectric homes
#Superb mechanical strength 
-#Very good for processing

PFCC21 Phenolic cotton cloth tube has high radial tensile power and can be employed as a seal ring, bearing cage, and other use parts.

four.Major Specialized CHARACTRISTICS

Objects Unit PFCP22 PFCCtwoone PFCC24
Density g/m³ 1.2-1.3
Vertical layer bending energy
MPa  ≥90 ≥138 ≥150
Axial compressive toughness MPa 60 ≥118  ≥118
Parallel layer breakdown voltage
(ninety ºC transformer oil)
KV twenty five
Vertical layer electrical energy
 (90ºC transformer oil)
KV/mm eight ≥3.five ≥3.five
Dielectric loss issue(50Hz) ≤0.03
Drinking water absorption % ≤8(3mm) five(3mm) 4(3mm)
Temperature index ºC 120 120 a hundred and twenty


Phenolic Cotton Fabric Insulation Tube Pipe

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