Qgd Series 3inch 4 Inch Submersible Water Pump, Helical Rotor Pump for Irrgation, Clean Water Pump

Qgd Series 3inch 4 Inch Submersible Water Pump, Helical Rotor Pump for Irrgation, Clean Water Pump

A deep effectively pump is a pump that pumps an impeller into a well. It is the principal drinking water-lifting tools in effectively irrigation, and the h2o output (ie stream) is a key indicator reflecting the effectively-getting of properly pump procedure.
The utility design has the rewards of straightforward framework, high device efficiency, lower sounds, secure and trustworthy operation, hassle-free installation and servicing.

It is suited for extraction from deep water effectively, scorching drinking water nicely and ocean, also can be utilised for river, reservoir, canal and so on. It is mainly utilised for irrigation of farmland and water for human and animal in plateau and mountainous areas. It can also be utilised for h2o offer and drainage in towns, factories, railways, mines and design internet sites.

The well pump attracts groundwater. Its amount of water is topic to the volume of static drinking water inflow. Every single properly has an best sum of water inflow.

When the h2o output of the properly pump is better than the optimal drinking water inflow volume of the effectively, the dynamic h2o amount in the properly will be drastically reduced, so that the force variation amongst the internal and outer water partitions of the properly wall will improve, and the stream fee of the nicely wall h2o will enhance, ensuing in a large amount of sand. The lighter causes siltation in the nicely, impacting the service lifestyle of the nicely, and the large one particular causes the well wall to collapse, at some point leading to the properly to be scrapped. Therefore, scientific assortment of nicely pumps can reduce pumping costs and increase their performance.

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Deep properly pumps are largely utilised in: 

  1. Irrigation of agriculture. 
  2.  Drinking h2o and residing drinking water. 
  3. Distant regions, farming
  4. Fountains. 
  5. Swimming pool circulation and filtration


(V) (W) (m³/h) (m) (in) (mm) (mm)
3QGD-one.seven-.37 220 370 one.7 80 ¾” 76 577
3QGD-1.8-.55 220 550 one.8 90 ¾” 76 607
3QGD-1.nine-.seventy five 220 750 one.nine 110 ¾” 76 647

  (V) (W) (m³/h) (m) (in) (mm) (mm)
4QGD1-60-.37 220 370 1 60 one” 102 523
4QGD1.2-fifty-.37 220 370 1.two 50 one” 102 536
4QGD1.2-sixty-.55 220 550 one.2 60 one “ 102 566
4QGD1.8-50-.55 220 550 1.eight 50 one” 102 576
4QGD1.8-80-.seventy five 220 750 one.eight eighty 1 “ 102 608
4QGD1.2-100-.75 220 750 1.2 one hundred one “ 102 608

What info that consumer want to source us

You should decide on the correct pump below your self, or make sure you notify us beneath info, then we can pick the proper pump for you.   

1. The place will the pump be utilized? 

2. How a lot water discharge ( liters or gallon or m3) needed for each day or for every hour? 

three. Do you want a submersible pump or surface area pump? 

Doing work CONDITONS

  1. Max. ambient temperature&t 40ºC 
  2. Sand articles(in mass fraction)up to .01%
  3. Hydrogen sufide content up to one.5mg/L, chloride ion material up to 400mg/L
  4. PH six.5 to 8.5
  5. Highest: 70 m beow the static drinking water table. 

Advanced Technology

  1. DSP & MPPT purpose(Optimum Energy Stage Monitoring)
  2. Reduced-voltage defense
  3. Over recent safety
  4. Security for ow water level in effectively
  5. Safety for ful h2o degree in tank
  6. Controling running pace of motor
  7. Deay working when minimal h2o in nicely
  8. Battery(It is optiona)

Packing & CZPT areas

one. Wood / Carton
two. Controller / Without controller
3. Cable: 10M/ 15M/ 20M
four. Cable connector
5. Rope to hang the pump
6. Installation Manual
seven. Guarantee card

Major Materials

Components Content
Delivery casing AISI 202 SS AISI 304 SS
Strainer AISI 202 SS AISI 304 SS
Motor external casing AISI 202 SS AISI 304 SS
Best chock Forged-iron ASTM NO.thirty
Base support AISI 202 SS AISI 304 SS
Mechanical seal Graphite-Ceramic
Shaft AISI 304SS-ASTM 5140
Seal lubricant oil Oil for food machinery and pharmaceutic use

Why Decide on US

twenty a long time prime pump manufacturer       
·More than twenty a long time knowledge of production pumps.       
·CZPTers all more than the world 
·Strong R&D team  
Higher quality pump with competitive price   
·Performance ranges from 11M to 300M, it can achieve a max. Movement of 61m3/h with various dimension to be utilized in 3”, 4”,5” well      
·100% tests program for motor/comprehensive established pump/controller 
·Packing is strong 
·installation is easy and conventient, cost-free maintenance 
Superior technology        
·A team of professional complex engineers and a strong R&D team       
·Advanced and smart controller with MPPT and DSP technique       
·The motor commences up placidly and the present is much considerably less than classic hardware commence-up technology       
·The MCU can detect the circuit immediately and can be exhibited by LED.  
·Over load protection operate. When the recent is overload, the technique can restar instantly.   
·Battery perform is also CZPT for twelve/24/36/48V controller  
Outstanding consumer service        
·Professional intercontinental trade revenue staff, superior client care        
·Annual visit to photo voltaic pump agent to give specialized coaching.     
·Continuously diversify items range to satisfy customers’ needs 

Qgd Series 3inch 4 Inch Submersible Water Pump, Helical Rotor Pump for Irrgation, Clean Water Pump

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