Rotary Shear Cut to Length Machine Line

Rotary Shear Cut to Length Machine Line

Rotary shear line ERCL sequence


This rotary shear is appropriate for hot rolling carbon steel, tinplates, stainless metal, and other metal with coated surfaces. It is extensively utilized in house appliances, vehicles, components, steel products and other industries. This rotary shear adopts 6H leveler to have out constant leveling of the panels. With two stacking gadgets, this rotary shear has a higher functioning effectiveness. It is capable of shearing one hundred fifty plates for each minute, with a highest working speed of eighty meters for every minute. With 6H leveler, the processed plates are clean and free of scrapes.
This ERCL rotary shear normally consists of a uncoiler, a leveler, meter encoder, feed roll, rotary shear, conveyor belt and stacker. Application in chilly rolled carbon steel, silicon Steel, tinplate, Stainless metal and pre-painted material and many others.
Construction of Rotary Shear: Twin Rotary Sort
1. The slicing portion of our rotary shear is comprised of an higher blade holder and a decrease blade holder. The two slide holders have out synchronous rotation and are related to a linear guidebook rail. When the crankshaft rotates, the cutting station cuts and conveys the material.
2. The higher blade is of rectangular shape and the reduced one particular is of “V” form. They are manufactured of Cr12MoV. The higher slide rest can be conveniently adjusted to adjust the slicing clearance.
three. The drive motor of this rotary shear is AC servo spindle motor (fifty five kw, 500rpm). It is connected to the transmission shaft with a conical connector, which has the capacity of enduring recurrent impact.
Parameters of Rotary Shear

Design/ Objects Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Shearing Precision (mm) Max. Line Speed m/min Max. Reducing Pace (spm) Coil Weight (ton)
ERCL-2×650 .2-two a hundred-650 &plusmn0.three/1000mm sixty one hundred fifty eight
ERCL-2×800 .two-two 100-800 60 a hundred and fifty 8
ERCL-2×1300 .three-2 four hundred-1300 70 one hundred fifty 15
ERCL-2×1600 .3-2 400-1600 70 150 fifteen
ERCL-3×1600 .four-3 four hundred-1600 70 a hundred and twenty fifteen

Transaction process:
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HangCZPT Eagle CNC Device Co., Ltd (briefly JEM), located in HangCZPT town, ZheJiang Province, China, was founded in 2003. It is primarily engaged in creating and manufacturing of Lower to Duration Line, Slitting Line, Rotary Shear, Slitting and Cut to Length Blended Line, Leveling Equipment, Stress Leveler and so on. Our goods are commonly used in transfomer, motor, house equipment, automobiles, hardware, steel industries, and so on. It can be utilised for processing cold and sizzling rolled steell, carbon metal, galvanized metal, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel, pre-painted metal, aluminium, copper and other metals.

Domestic customers consist of 1st Automotive Operates (FAW), Second Automotive Performs, Great Wall Automobile, Bao Steel, HangCZPT Steel, HangCZPT Steel, Midea Group and many others, and numerous of coil processing centers. CZPTly, our items have also been installed in CZPTpe, South The usa, Africa, Southeast Asia and so on.
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Rotary Shear Cut to Length Machine Line

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