Shaded Pole Motor Single Phase Asynchronous Motor

Shaded Pole Motor Single Phase Asynchronous Motor

Item Description:
Asynchronous Motor, also acknowledged as induction motor, is an AC motor that generates electromagnetic torque by the interaction of air gap rotating magnetic discipline and induction current of rotor winding, thus realizing the conversion of mechanical and electrical power into mechanical energy.

3-period Asynchronous motor is largely used as motor to drive numerous production equipment, these kinds of as supporter, pump, compressor, equipment instrument, mild business and mining machinery, thresher and crusher in agricultural creation, processing equipment in agricultural by-merchandise and so on. The utility model has the advantages of basic construction, straightforward manufacture, reduced price, reputable procedure, longevity, large procedure efficiency and applicable doing work qualities.

Product Title Variable Frequency Push AC Induction motor
Motor Variety DC Motor,AC Motor,Stepper Motor,Asynchronous Motor ,Synchronous Motor
(CZPT machinery)
Rotational Velocity

Reduced Speed/Continual Velocity/Higher Speed/Alter Speed

Stator Phase Variety


Quality Sort

Y,Y2 Sequence A few-Stage,YS Series 3-Phase,Explosion-Evidence A few-Period,YVP Collection Frequency

Attribute 1.Modest lightweight.
two.It is straightforward to obtain large speed rotation of much more than 10 000r/min.
3.High velocity and low torque, high efficiency.
four.Minimal speed has higher torque and broad pace management assortment.
5.High trustworthiness (durable).
6.The manufacturing expense is minimal.
7.Simplification of manage products.
Software Asynchronous Motor is mainly employed as motor. Its electricity selection is from a number of kilowatts to tens of 1000’s of kilowatts. It is the most widely utilized motor in numerous industries of national economic system and people’s every day life. It supplies energy for a selection of mechanical equipment and house appliances. For example, device instruments, modest and medium-sized steel rolling products, followers, pumps, mild industrial equipment, metallurgical and mining equipment are primarily pushed by 3-section asynchronous motors, even though single-phase asynchronous motors are widely employed in family appliances these kinds of as fans, washing equipment, fridges and air conditioners. Asynchronous motors can also be used as turbines for wind power vegetation and modest hydropower stations.


Shaded Pole Motor Single Phase Asynchronous Motor

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