Sm30A Sintered SmCo Block Magnet for Linear Motors

Sm30A Sintered SmCo Block Magnet for Linear Motors

SmCo Magnets

Smco magnets are primarily employed for a variety of motors, generators, this kind of as CZPT Motors (Traction Machines),
Wind Turbines, Servo Motors, Motors for Hybrid CZPT Vehicle or Battery CZPT Autos, CZPT motors and
Compressor Motors, push motor for ship, and so forth.Disc SmCo Magnets, Diameter 120x100mm,axially magnetized. Block Magnets 120mm×120mm×100mm,Magnetized by means of 100mm. Small DIsc, Block or Arc, Ring SmCo Magnets can manufactured from
Massive Disc or Block SmCo Magnets by chopping and grinding . The Minimum Diameter of SmCo magnets can be only 1mm.


1. Maximum qualities in China , Br>1.15T , (BH) max>=32MGOes
two. Better corrosion resistant than Ndfeb magnets
3. Greater doing work stability than NdFeB magnets at higher temperature.
4. CZPT created is CZPT


Content Grade Residual Fulx Coercive Power Intrinsic Coercive Drive Max. Energy Merchandise
Br Hcb Hcj (BH)max
KGs T KOe KA/m KOe KA/m MGOe KJ/m3
SmCO5 SM-16A eight.-9. .80-.90 7.7-8.eight 613-700 18.-thirty. 1430-2388 16±2 127±16
SM-18A .eighty four-.ninety seven eight.two-9.four 653-748 fifteen.-22. 1194-1751 18±2 143±16
Sm2Co17 SM-24A ten.-ten.6 one.00-one.06 eight.-9.5 637-756 20.-28. 1592-2229 24±2 191±16
SM-24B ten.-ten.6 one.00-1.06 6.2-8. 494-637 seven.-eleven. 557-876 24±2 191±16
SM-26A ten.two-ten.eight 1.02-1.08 eight.five-ten.2 677-812 20.-28. 1592-2229 26±2 207±16
SM-26B ten.2-ten.eight 1.02-1.08 8.-nine.five 637-756 9.-18. 717-1433 26±2 207±16
SM-28A ten.five-eleven. 1.05-one.ten 8.5-10.three 677-812 20.-28. 1592-2229 28±2 223±16
SM-30A 10.7-eleven.5 1.07-one.fifteen 8.five-10.5 677-836 twenty.-28. 1592-2229 29±2 231±16
SM-30B one.07-one.fifteen 7.five-nine.5 597-756 9.-18. 717-1433 29±2 231±16
SM-32A 11.-12. 1.10-1.twenty nine.five-10.five 756-836 twenty.-28. 1592-2229 30±2 239±16
SM-32B eleven.-twelve. one.ten-one.20 7.-nine.5 557-756 8.five-15. 677-1195 30±2 239±16



What is Samarium Cobalt Magnet?

Samarium cobalt magnets or SmCO magnets is one particular kind of uncommon earth magnets manufactured from Samarium, Cobalt, Iron, Zirconium and many others which was developed in the early seventies. There are very first era exceptional earth magnets-SmCo5 magnets and next generation The uncommon earth magnets-Sm2Co17 Magnets base on different compositions.The 50 percent completed products of Samarium cobalt magnets are made from raw supplies by powder metallurgy technological innovation, such as melting ,casting, crashing, milling, pressing ,sintering, then they are produced into concluded items by Mag processing products, such Magazine CZPT’s manufacturing facility can offer the optimum quality Sm2Co17 magnets in the globe with the pursuing magnetic homes: Br > one,fifteen T, Hcj >2300 kA / m, Hcb > 820 kA / m , BH (max) > 250 kJ/m3.
She normally does not want coating to safeguard them from atmosphere-induced corrosion since of content material substantial proportion of cobalt metals which allows more precise tolerances and simplifies use. Also they do not need to use coating increased resistance temperature rankings, greater coercivity and superb corrosion resistant. Can work for lengthy time in large temp far more than 250-350 Centigrade diploma and can operate more stable than Neodymium magnets.
Samarium cobalt magnets are typically used in substantial overall performance motors, magnetic couplings, magnetic separators, sensor controls, oil pump and other equipment which functionality is necessary to be constant with temperature modify or below simple corrosion circumstance.

How to Purchase Samarium Cobalt Magnets?
If you want to buy proper Samarium Cobalt Magnets ,Please inform us the adhering to details if feasible. 
one. Any drawing or Condition,Dimension and tolerance . 
two. SmCo Magnet Quality or In depth Magnetic homes. 
three. Direction of magnetization of Samarium Cobalt Magnets, magnetized or not magnetized for shipment. 
4. Other necessity if achievable. 
5. Amount, shipping and delivery way( sea shipment or air cargo ). 
six. Any Seaport or airport nearby your business.
Magnetic Houses of  Sintered SmCO Magnet

Sm30A Sintered SmCo Block Magnet for Linear Motors

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