Transit Alternator for Ford Ca1317IR for Mitsubishi A3tn1791

Transit Alternator for Ford Ca1317IR for Mitsubishi A3tn1791

Ref Details:

  • CARGO CA1317IR
    12V 100A 4S
    FORD 98VB10K359BA
    A: 34. B: 13. C: 82. mm.
    LESTER 21381
    WAI 1261301MI
    BOSCH 098657141
    BOSCH 9124476607
    DELCO 1017500
    DELCO 1086299
    FORD 98VB10K359BB
    FORD 98VB10K359BC
    LUCAS LRB00381, LRB381
    PIC 2 0571 61
    Ford, LDV CZPT
    Ford Transit 2.5L Diesel (CZPTpe)


Alternators Introduction

  • Makes certain cranking and starting performance underneath all temperature extremes
  • 100% full-load analyzed – meets or exceeds OE manufacturers’ torque, amperage draw and RPM specifications
  • Guarantees steady voltage output, eliminates shorts and open up circuits
  • Provides unsurpassed dependability beneath intense circumstances
  • OE design to make certain specific suit, sort, and function
  • Analyzed in an endurance simulaor to make certain OE quality and perform

HUB car alternators occur in two choices: Alternator and alternator elements. Whatever the kind, these alternators are constructed for extremes of cold and heat, offering many years of reliable efficiency. The new alternators from HUB feature bigger bearings, enhanced circuitry, elevated output, and added provisions for cooling that lessen tension on the alternator and boost its lifestyle expectancy.
     For customers pursuits ,we factory only use Yunyi & Mobiletron brand name regulators rectifiers  ,C&U  brand  bearing,quite top quality stators and rotors are all produced from our very own generation line.
     So when you choosing HUB products, not only you can be completely certain that you’re getting the maximum high quality, lengthy-long lasting alternator income can acquire,but also can share a lot more expert right after-sale provider and a lot more time quality warranty.

 At Hub CZPT, we offer manufacturer new& models and have all OEM and aftermarket makes in our warehouse from the subsequent organizations:

  • DENSO Sales- alternators and starters utilized on an extensive class of tools fromautomotive to industrial. First equipment manufacturer areas (OEM) supplier for a greatdeal of industrial products.
  • Prestolite CZPT– is a diversified business that contains Leece-Neville and the previous
  • Motorola patterns. They have units for many distinct programs, such as agricultural,industrial, hefty-obligation truck, navy and mining gear.
  • Bosch– components are located on numerous CZPTpean domestic autos and industrial equipment, from Chrysler to Volkswagen to CZPT.
  • Chrysler– alternators and starter elements utilized on the before Chrysler merchandise.
  • Delco Remy– still the most well-liked models in our region employed on GM products and domestic industrial gear.
  • Hitachi– utilized on many international Japanese items, equally automotive and industrial.
  • Iskra– industrial units utilized in a wide assortment of purposes.
  • Lucas– seen on numerous English cars, it is also utilized on Ford and Massey Ferguson tractors in North The us.
  • Magneti Marelli– utilized in automotive and agricultural products.
  • Mitsubishi– used on numerous international Japanese merchandise, equally automotive and industrial. Utilised in some Ford apps.
  • FORD&Motorcraft– utilized on Ford autos in automotive and industrial purposes.
  • Nikko– utilised largely for industrial purposes.
  • Sawafuji- used on a lot of foreign Japanese industrial items. 
  • Valeo– used in maritime and industrial units.

Generation Line



About Purchasement:
If you are (     ):

Wholesaler:you should make contact with our income very first,you will get response within 12h.
Japanese automobile altrernator with reduced amperage MOQ fifty or 100pcs
CZPT Machine with high amperage(like Delco,prestolite,nikko) MOQ 20pcs
Want sample very first:we will supply sample if we have them in stock or have adequate elements to assemble.
We will return sample when you spot purchase.

Packing particulars:Support neutral or CZPT colourful carton packing.

Offical Web:

weighty responsibility truck alternator ref no:
1 8LHA3096UC 29 28V 110A 3757120.6860CY2 
two JFZ276A8 28V 70A one thousand-11-00111 
3 JFZ276A10 28V 70A one thousand-11-00002 
4 JFZ291D11 28V 90A 3757150.6870CG1 226B 
5 AC172RA 308B 28V 140A 1000-eleven-5719 
six 8LHA3099UC** 28V 110A W400503.571 
7  3796-eighty-00001 
8 AVE276W9 28V 70A one thousand-eleven-00197 CA4DF3 
nine AVE276W5 28V 70A 3701-80-00075 
ten AVE295D 28V 90A a thousand-11-00334 
eleven AVE2110A2 28V 110A 3701-eighty-00071 
12 AVE276W8 28V 70A a thousand-eleven-00123 
13 8LHA3096UC E11 28V 110A D3757120.6860CY4 
fourteen AVE2110D11 28V 110A a thousand-11-00160 
15 AVE276A11 28V 70A one thousand-eleven-00184 
16 8LHA3096UC seventy three 28V 110A 3701-80-00073 
seventeen 8LHA3048UC 67 28V 120A 1000-eleven-00037 
18 AVE291D14 28V 90A a thousand-11-5718 
19 AC172RA 350A 28V 140A one thousand-11-05712 
twenty 8LHA3040UC** 28V 120A W400503.0308 
21 8LHA3040UC E15 28V 120A 3701-80-00001 
22 8SC3141VC B7A 28V 140A a thousand-eleven-00135 
23 8SC3151VC B7 28V 150A 1000-eleven-05713 
24 JFZ2715A 28V 70A 3701-eighty-00077 
twenty five JFZ2101A2 28V 100A 1000-eleven-05712 
26 JFZ2110A2 28V 110A 1000-11-00152 
27 8LHA3096UC E22 28V 110A one thousand-eleven-05714 
28 AC172RA 301A 28V 140A one thousand-eleven-5714 
29 AVE2115D12 28V 110A 1000-eleven-0571 
30 AVE276W10 28V 70A 1000-11-00361 
31 JFZ2716D1 28V 70A a thousand-11-00091 
32 8SC3238VC forty 28V 150A 3757110.6930C  6960H
33 8SC3238VC fifty 28V 150A a thousand-11-00003 
34 8SC3238VC eleven 28V 150A 1000-eleven-0571 
35 8SC3110VC** 28V 150A 3701-eighty-00002 
36 8SC3238VC sixty four 28V 150A 3757120.6780RGC 
37 8SC3238VC 36 28V 150A 3757120.6780RC-C 
38 8SC3238VC 06 28V 150A 1000-11-00067 
39 8SC3238VC G50 28V 150A 3757150.6930CK1 
40 8SC3238VC 29 28V 150A 3701-eighty-00072 
41 8SC3110VC ninety eight 28V 150A 3701-eighty-00002 
forty two JFZ276W10 28V 70A 3701-eighty-00078 
forty three JFZ276W8 28V 70A 3701-80-00076 
forty four AVE2110D14 28V 110A 1000-eleven-00151 
forty five AVi136 A101 28V 70A one thousand-eleven-00265 
forty six AVE276W 28V 70A one thousand-11-0571 
forty seven AC172RA 356A 28V 140A one thousand-11-05713 
48 AVE2110D9 28V 110A one thousand-11-0571 
forty nine 8LHA3040UC 05 28V 120A WA00503.571A 
50 8SC3151VC A7 28V 150A 1000-11-05714 
fifty one AVE276W7 28V 70A 3701-80-00079 
52 AVE2716D1 28V 70A a thousand-11-00041 
53 AVE291D3 28V 90A one thousand-eleven-00403 
54 8SC3151VC A49 28V 150A 1000-eleven-05715 
fifty five AVE276A8 28V 70A a thousand-eleven-00388 
fifty six AVE2110B 28V 110A 3701-80-00074 
fifty seven AC172RA 321B 28V 140A one thousand-eleven-00426 
fifty eight AVE2110D12 28V 110A 3701-80-00026 
fifty nine 8SC3110VC H114 28V 150A 3701-eighty-00571 
60 8SC3238VC eighty three 28V 150A a thousand-11-00496 
sixty one 8SC3151VC A59 28V 150A 1000-eleven-00492 
sixty two 8LHA3048UC 88 28V 120A one thousand-eleven-00495 
63 AC172RA 357A 28V 140A one thousand-11-00503 
sixty four AVE2110D19 28V 110A one thousand-eleven-00494 
sixty five AVE276W13 28V 70A a thousand-eleven-0571 
66 8SC3238VC H36 28V 150A a thousand-11-0571 
67 AC172RA 333B 28V 140A 3701-eighty-00033 
sixty eight AVE291W1 28V 90A one thousand-eleven-00520 
69 AC172RA363B 28V 140A 3701-eighty-00032 
70 AVE136Z1913 14V 90A 3701-80-00031 
seventy one F1913 3701-81-00033 
72 AVE2101D18 28V 100A 9999-80-571 
73 AVE136Z273DC 28V 70A 3701-80-00038 
seventy four F2110 D12 3701-81-00030 
seventy five AC172RA 374A 28V 140A 3701-80-00030 
seventy six AC172RA 373B 28V 140A 3701-80-0571 
77 F374A 3701-81-00032 
seventy eight F373B 3701-eighty one-00031 
seventy nine AVi168A3006 28V 150A 3701-eighty-00042 
eighty AVE2125 B88 28V 120A 3701-80-00048 
eighty one 8SC3239VC A88 28V 150A 3701-80-00050 
eighty two 8SC3240VC 01 28V 150A 3701-eighty-00056 
eighty three JFZ276W 28V 70A 3701-eighty-00060 
84 AC172RA 338A 28V 140A 3701-eighty-00571 
eighty five 8SC3141TRA 6A 28V 140A 3701-eighty-00061 
86 8SC3110VC 116 28V 150A 3701-80-00064 
87 DR-07C 3701-eighty one-00034 
88 8LHA3099UC fifteen 28V 110A 3701-80-00080 
89 DR-07A 3796-eighty-00001 
ninety 8SC3110VC one hundred twenty five 28V 150A 3701-eighty-00081 
91 AC172RA 345A 28V 140A a thousand-eleven- 0571  
ninety two AC318RA A18 28V 180A 3701-80-00084 
ninety three 8LHA3099UC fifty 28V 110A 3701-80-5717 
ninety four AC172RA 363D 28V 140A 3701-80-00083 
95 JFZ198D10 14V 120A 3701-80-00091 
96 8LHA3099UC 58 28V 110A 3701-eighty-00093 YC6J 
ninety seven 8SC3110VC 127 28V 150A 3701-80-00092 
ninety eight 8LHA3099UC 50 28V 110A 3701-80-00052 
99 8LHA3040UC E15 28V 120A 3701-80-00090 
a hundred 8SC3155VC A35 28V 150A 3701-eighty-00094 8DT250.Q3 
one zero one 8SC3110VC 123 28V 150A 3
102 AVE2120B63 28V 120A 3701-eighty-00097 D19 
103 JFZ2710A2-C 28V 70A one thousand-11-00764 
104 AVi144C3002 28V 100A 1000-11-00767 

one hundred and five 8SC3110VC fifty two 28V 150A 3701-eighty-5710 
106 8SC3110VC 31 28V 150A 3701-80-00099 
107 AVE291B35 28V 90A a thousand-11-00803 
108 AVE291D19 28V 90A 3701-80-5715 
109 AC318RA A5 28V 180A 3701-80-5716 
110 AVE291A2 28V 90A 3701-80-5719 
111 8SC3155VC A1 28V 150A 3701-eighty-00112 
112 AVi171A3088 28V 160A 3701-eighty-00111 
113 AC172RA 439B 28V 150A 3701-eighty-00114 
114 AVi171A3006 28V 160A 3701-eighty-00116 
one hundred fifteen JFZ290A2 28V 90A 3701-eighty-00119 
116 AVi147A3001 28V 120A 3701-eighty-00115




Transit Alternator for Ford Ca1317IR for Mitsubishi A3tn1791

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