Waste Rotor Recovery Machine, Fan Rotor Recovery Machine, Electric Motor Recycling Machine

Waste Rotor Recovery Machine, Fan Rotor Recovery Machine, Electric Motor Recycling Machine

Application of Scrap steel  Crusher :
Scrap Metal  Crusher  is capable of extruding various metal leftover, metal paring, waste copper, aluminum,
stainless steel and scrapped automobile into regular charging as square volume, cylinder and many others. different designs.
By this way, the charges of transportation and refining can be lowered. It also helps make the transportation less complicated
and faster. This equipment mainly used in metal vegetation, recycling company, waste recovery and metal refining
business. Dimensions of compression chamber and bale can be CZPT.
Scrap Metal Crusher Device also called scrap iron crusher, cans crusher, scrap
steel crusher, paint pot crusher and other different names. Steel crusher/cans mill is a quite common collection
of crushing, damaged merchandise in the existing mechanical equipment industry.
Major technological Parameters of Scrap Steel Crusher :
scrap steel crusher is widely used for crushing of all kinds of scrap metals which including of zip-top cans, paint buckets, bicycles, diesel oil barrels, motorcycles, washing machines, shells of cars and refrigerators, electric closets, steel plate offal,(the underline parts should be sheared first, then shredded),etc… It is easy maintenance, simple structure, and powerful capacity.
In the processing of crush, the rusts, paints and other waste materials which adhering to the surface of the scrap metals were separated, then under the working force of magnetic sorting devices the non
metallic wastes that mixed in the scrap metals were sorted out which including of non-ferrous metal, plastic and rubber, etc…
Applicable material for scrap metal crusher: tinplate, thin substance,  car shell, scrap steel, motor housing, waste casting, steel urgent block,  scrap car ,metal block,waste home appliances,aluminum alloy, waste aluminum casting,engine casting , zip-best can, metal drums, shade steel tile and and many others.
In the processing of crush, the rusts, paints and other waste materials which adhering to the surface  of the scrap metals were separated, then under the working force of magnetic sorting devices the non
metallic wastes that mixed in the scrap metals were sorted out which including of non-ferrous metal, plastic and rubber, etc…
CZPT parameter of scrap steel recycling machine

Model Energy
Rotation price
Generation ability
Dimension(mm) Bodyweight(T)
JSP-600 18.five-22 2100 600-800 2000*seven hundred*2000 one.five
JSP-800 30-37 1600 800-1200 2200*900*2200 3.seven
JSP-a thousand forty five-55 1250 1200-1500 3800*1400*3000 seven.6
JSP-1400 ninety-a hundred and fifty 860 4000-5000 4000*1500*2800 11.5
JSP-1600 110-180 750 6000-ten thousand 4800*2000*3200 16.6
JSP-2000 220-320 650 8000-12000 5000*2200*3400 28.six

scrap metal crusher  is the most recent variety crusher which is developed according to the demands of the market place by  equipment, who manage the power and merge the certain sensible application of the customers from residence and overseas.  scrap metal crusher for shredding car is an sophisticated wonderful crusher, it is produced on the foundation of absorbing the benefits of numerous crushers and completely making use of the concept of impacting, cutting, collision and grinding. It has the advantage of substantial output, lower intake, higher performance and evenly output, minimal sound and air pollution, effortless operation and routine maintenance.It is very large-effectiveness, vitality-conserving, and umweltfreundlich. In addition,scrap metal crusher for metallic equipment has the characters of high comfort, compact composition, and massive output.
  The metal crusher  is largely applied to the huge-scale reclamation depot and utilized to split the cans into ideal pellets, this sort of as drink can, beer can, lulu can mill crimson bull drink cans, oil barrel, paint cans, powdered milk cans and many others, so that the transportation expense can be diminished. The end users can adopt diffierent .allocations according to the components species, scale, and the requirements of the completed products. This device can make the can turn out to be spheroid so that the transportation expenditures can be significantly lowered.
The Aluminum Can Crusher is created by  CZPT, which is the specialised equipment to smash the aluminum and other types of metal substance.

two. Scrap Metal Crusher Machine Features
1. The cutter blade of metal crusher is mesh type blade with refined high-alloy, it has good crushing effect to any high hardness of the material. 
2. The gear motor drive of metal crusher, can save 20% of the electricity than cans crusher. 
3. Metal crusher boot smoothly CZPT too much noise, and the foundation is installed, the noise is very small. 
four. Metal crusher has strong structure, dense type stiffeners to ensure strong cabinet. 
five. Metal crusher can be configured with conveyor belt feeding device. 
six. All-round control buttons help you to control more simply, the whole process takes only one person can operate. 
five. Metal Crusher Notes and Routine Maintenance
1 , crusher fixed operations, should be fixed in the cement foundation. If the constantly changing workplace , metal crusher motor to be installed in the machine with H steel production base . If crusher diesel powered , so that the two power should match that diesel power is slightly greater than the power grinder , and make both consistent with the pulley groove . The outer end surface of the pulley to the same plane .
2 , each part must be checked before starting the metal crusher unit connecting bolts are tightened , the drive belt tightness is appropriate, the power cord is good. Grinder motor shaft and the shaft is parallel .
three, check whether the good hammer , sieve pore size is appropriate, whether the damage. Drag the belt by hand to check the spindle rotation is flexible , with or CZPT cards, touch and friction phenomenon .
4 , after the boot , let the machine idle for 2-3 minutes, check the rotor rotation is correct , whether the sound is normal. Before work only after the smooth rotation at the rated speed.
5 , the work should always pay attention to the functioning of the mill , feeding should be uniform to avoid blocking stuffy car, do not overload of work for a long time . If there is vibration, noise , bearing the body temperature is too high , the outside spray material so on, should immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting can continue to work .
6 , pulverized material should be carefully examined , shall not be mixed with stones, metal and other foreign matter in order to avoid damage to the machine .
7 , when the machine is running , the operator shall not leave the unit , nor disassemble crushing chamber to observe the work in the operation , maintenance tools or machines shall be placed on the packing .
8 , the operator should not wear gloves , when clogging is prohibited reached into the bucket filler , should feed mill stood side , to prevent debris rebound wounded face.
9 , do not stop immediately after the end of the work should be idle for 2-3 minutes, so that the material inside the machine is fully discharged. Should be cleaned , and maintenance work after the shutdown .
10 , metal crusher operation after 300 hours to clean bearings, replace the oil . When long-stay parking , remove the belt .

Our Providers
Our Provider Philosophy
one.Pre-sale services: enthusiasm, client

Offer you the suitable plan, process stream design and style and company tools according to your special demand.
2.Sale companies: servant
Send technicians to the job site for guiding the set up and adjustment, training operators and finishing the verify and accept collectively with you.
3.Following-sale solutions: faithfulness
To set up extended time period connection with you, we will frequently shell out return check out to consumers.
1, Where is your manufacturing unit ? 
Our factory is found in HangCZPT. 
two, How long is your soon after-sales services ?
We supply eighteen months good quality promise from the date of shipping and delivery.
Welcome to speak to us if you have any queries.  
3, How long will consider it to produce ?
Usually in fifteen functioning times right after receiving the deposit.  
four, What is the Mode of transportation ?
LCL and FCL by ship.
5, What is actually the payment phrases ?
T/T, western union, Alibaba Trade Assurance, L/C and so on. 


Waste Rotor Recovery Machine, Fan Rotor Recovery Machine, Electric Motor Recycling Machine

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