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Ever Power perfectly integrates R&D and production, allowing you to customize and worry-free!

Ever Power perfectly integrates R&D and production, allowing you to customize and worry-free!

  • High degree of parameter matchingAccurate parameter matching and selection
  • Technical support fullProvide free product installation support
  • Fast developmentThe fastest sampling cycle can be up to 7 days
  • Low customization cost0 link direct supply saves intermediate links

Product center Ever Power motor-not only powerful, but also more efficient and energy-saving

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The world's top 500 companies are using Ever Power motorsWe have easily won market recognition for hundreds of companies

Excellent quality, reliability and performanceAdhering to the spirit of ingenuity, Ever Power's motor production level leads the industry

High precision and long life:

A 300㎡ dust-free workshop is specially set up to ensure that the electronic components of the DC brushless motor are pollution-free, to ensure product accuracy and prolong life.

Low noise and small vibration:

Reasonably design the stator structure and choose well-known brand bearings, which have strong load-bearing capacity, and the rotating parts of the motor are wear-resistant, which effectively suppresses the vibration frequency.

High efficiency and low energy consumption:

The use of higher-performance permanent magnet materials has good starting and speed regulation performance, and is less affected by electromagnetic interference, reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency.

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Reasons for choosing Ever Power motorsQuality-oriented service is the first trusted brand of small and medium-sized motors

R & D strength-worry-free customization
firstR & D strength Custom worry-free

More than 10 years of industry experience, professional design, testing and other professional engineer team, R & D accounted for up to 10%

Obtained more than 20 patents such as brushless DC motors for air conditioners, facilitating market upgrades and after-sales service

The error between the air volume tester and the national standard air volume tester is less than 1%, providing accurate parameter matching

Tens of millions of production and R&D equipment, passed through multiple tests, and obtained international certifications such as CCC/CE/UL

Factory direct supply-cooperation and worry-free
SecondFactory direct supply Cooperation and peace of mind

10000 square meters workshop, annual output of more than 100 million units, fully automatic production line, sufficient production capacity

15 production inspection procedures, from the purchase of raw materials, throughout the entire production process, the pass rate is 99.9%

2000㎡ inventory, regular products are stocked all year round, the inventory is sufficient, and the order is shipped the same day

Keep track of the production process, strictly control the production cycle, high flexibility, and fast delivery

One-stop service to meet customers' different customization needs and save purchase costs

Perfect service-after-sale guarantee
ThirdPerfect service after-sale warranty

Free technical training and support services

Shipment will take an average of 5 working days after the order is placed

24 hours after-sales immediate response

Unconditionally replace the problem product


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Focus on Ever Power
Founded in 2003, Changzhou Ever-Power Group is a manufacturer specializing in the production of small and medium-sized motors. It is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Development Zone-Zouqu Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of ​​1.2 square meters and a building area of ​​8000 square meters. .The company brings together a group of professionals in motor manufacturing, introduces advanced motor production equipment and testing equipment at home and abroad, has strong new product development and market development capabilities, and uses advanced manufacturing technology and a complete quality assurance system...
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