4 Stations Single Flyer Mini DC Motor Winding Machine

4 Stations Single Flyer Mini DC Motor Winding Machine

One flier winding equipment WD-4-WAM has four stations .It will take servo motor for the winding, and servo motor one for the inHangCZPT, the other for wire arraying and hooking. The hooking, winding, inHangCZPT are managed by PLC, parameter set and exhibit by HMI.

one piece servo motor does four stations winding and delivers by the synchronous belt.
one piece servo motor provides the rotor inHangCZPT.
1 piece servo motor by way of the screw rod delivers the head CZPT and backward with hooking.
4 parts tensioner controls each and every station wire stress, and clip and snap off by the robotic.

Every single rotor into positioning chute (rotor slots insert that chute) car clamp, auto inHangCZPT, vehicle winding and arraying, vehicle hooking, automobile clip, vehicle snap off.

CZPT parameter

power   Frequency  Principal motor power  Handle mode  Winding pace Winding +/- time Bodyweight Size (Scenario)
220V±10% 50Hz Winding motor-750W
Servo motor for inHangCZPT
Servo motor for mildew feeding
PLC -3000r/min -1000MS adjustable 350KGS 1000*1200*1850MM

Single flier winding equipment WD-four-WAM for the mini DC rotor helps make the positioning by the side slot insertion which driven by cylinder. Provided for small huge Micro DC rotor, the winding equipment makes the positioning from the beneath side. 

Front facet and back side of the operating bench of the rotor winding machine WD-four-WCM

For the lamination main of the micro DC motor rotor, suggest you to check our epoxy powder coating machine 

4 Stations Single Flyer Mini DC Motor Winding Machine

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