Evi Monoblock Air Source Air to Water Heat Pump

Evi Monoblock Air Source Air to Water Heat Pump

one.Application of Air Supply Heat Pump
In heating, air flow, and air conditioning (HVAC) purposes, a heat pump is typically a vapor-compression refrigeration unit that consists of a reversing valve and optimized heat exchangers so that the route of heat flow (thermal energy motion) might be reversed. The reversing valve switches the course of refrigerant via the cycle and as a result the warmth pump might supply either heating or cooling to a building. 

two.CZPTstars Air Supply Heat Pump Attributes:
1) EVI compressor special developed for large COP (Coefficient of Overall performance): 4. even in bad weather conditions problem or area.  
2) Foundation frame and exterior panels produced of galvanized powder coated steel                         
three) Water exchanger geared up with substantial efficiency tube in shell warmth exchanger                         
four) CZPT compressor with R407C/R410A refrigerant                     
5) Steady h2o circulation change & backflow evidence.                        
6) Fully sealed manage box with water proof degree IPX4                      
seven) CZPT microprocessor handle systems                       
eight) Air exchanger (fin-coil) with hydrophilic coating                      
nine) Thermostatic heating element for evaporator, anti-frosting
10)CZPTy capillary tube of SXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS./DANFOSS/EMERSON growth valve complete-covered by silicon/comfortable pipe refucing buffer friction, subtle vibration from compressor/supporter, retaining strong as 15-twenty many years working existence, even for a longer time.                          
eleven)No need of auxiliary electrical heating and functions properly even at -twenty five ºC~thirty ºC.   
twelve) Lowest sound that admirer motor & Copeland large effective compressor, thermostability PE materials with bond for soundproof & heat preservation.   

three. Air Resource Warmth Pump CZPT Info

Air Source Heat Pump Device(EVI Lower Ambient Temp.Sort)  (Heating&Cooling)
two.5ES 3ES 4.5ES 5ES
Working mode Heating&Cooling
Electricity offer 220V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Heating Air DB/WB:
drinking water In/outlet:
Heating ability (kW)  seven.6 8.4 fourteen. 15.two
Input electricity(kW)  two.32 two.fifty eight four.38 four.seventy five
Recent(A)  11.1 4.seven 21. 8.seven
COP(W/W) three.28 three.26 3.20 3.twenty
Drinking water flow(m3/h) one.seven 1.nine three.one three.four
Air: -10ºC/ ,
Drinking water In/outlet:
Heating potential (kW)  five.32 five.88 9.eight 10.sixty four
Enter electricity(kW)  two.twenty 2.forty five four.16 4.fifty one
COP(W/W) two.41 two.40 2.36 2.36
Air: -20ºC/   ,
H2o In/outlet:
Heating capability (kW)  4. 4.four seven.4 eight.
Enter electricity(kW)  2.09 two.33 3.ninety five 4.29
COP(W/W) 1.91 one.89 1.86 one.86
Air: -25ºC/ ,  
Water In/outlet:
Heating capacity (kW)  three.nine 4.two 6.four seven
Input power(kW)  2.35 two.52 four.40 4.30
COP(W/W) 1.66 one.67 1.forty five one.sixty three
Cooling Air DB/WB:
drinking water In/outlet:
Cooling potential (kW) six.8 7.6 twelve.6 13.seven
Enter electrical power (kW) two.39 2.66 four.51 4.89
Existing (A) 11.four 4.eight 21.six eight.nine
COP(W/W) 2.86 2.eighty four two.79 2.80
Drinking water stream (mthree/H) one.five one.7 2.eight 3.1
5.5ES 7ES 2*5ES 2*7ES
Functioning mode Heating&Cooling
Energy supply 220V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Heating Air DB/WB:
water In/outlet:
Heating potential (kW)  seventeen.5 19. thirty.four 40.eight
Enter energy(kW)  five.46 five.ninety four 9.five twelve.seventy five
Existing(A)  26.1 ten.eight 17.three 23.two
COP(W/W) 3.two three.2 three.2 three.2
Water circulation(m3/h) three.nine 4.2 six.8 9.1
Air: -10ºC/ ,
Water In/outlet:
Heating potential (kW)  12.twenty five thirteen.3 21.28 28.56
Input electrical power(kW)  five.19 5.64 9.03 twelve.eleven
COP(W/W) two.36 two.36 two.36 2.36
Air: -20ºC/   ,
H2o In/outlet:
Heating potential (kW)  9.two ten. sixteen. 21.four
Input power(kW)  four.93 five.36 eight.fifty seven 11.fifty one
COP(W/W) one.86 1.86 1.86 1.86
Air: -25ºC/ ,  
Water In/outlet:
Heating ability (kW)  seven.5 nine 14 19
Input electricity(kW)  5.ten 5.80 8.sixty twelve.00
COP(W/W) 1.forty seven 1.fifty five one.63 1.58
Cooling Air DB/WB:
water In/outlet:
Cooling capacity (kW) 15.8 17.1 27.4 36.7
Input electricity (kW) 5.62 6.twelve nine.79 13.thirteen
Current (A) 26.9 eleven.two 17.eight 23.nine
COP(W/W) two.eighty 2.seventy nine two.eighty 2.80
H2o circulation (mthree/H) 3.5 3.eight 6.1 eight.2
four*5ES 4*7ES 4*9ES  
Working mode Heating&Cooling
Electrical power offer 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ  
Heating Air DB/WB:
drinking water In/outlet:
Heating potential (kW)  60. seventy six. a hundred and fifteen  
Enter electrical power(kW)  eighteen.seven 23.seventy six 35.nine  
Recent(A)  34.1 forty three.three sixty five.five  
COP(W/W) three.21 three.twenty 3.20  
Drinking water stream(mthree/h) 13.4 seventeen. twenty five.7  
Air: -10ºC/ ,
Water In/outlet:
Heating potential (kW)  42 53.2 80.5  
Enter electrical power(kW)  seventeen.seventy seven 22.fifty seven 34.11  
Recent(A)  2.36 2.36 two.36  
Air: -20ºC/   ,
H2o In/outlet:
Heating capacity (kW)  31.5 39.nine sixty.four  
Input energy(kW)  sixteen.88 21.forty four 32.forty  
Recent(A)  1.87 one.86 1.86  
Air: -25ºC/ ,  
H2o In/outlet:
Heating ability (kW)  28 38    
Input electrical power(kW)  seventeen.20 24.00    
Present(A)  one.sixty three one.fifty eight    
Cooling Air DB/WB:
h2o In/outlet:
Cooling ability (kW) 54. sixty eight.4 103.5  
Enter power (kW) 19.26 24.forty seven 36.98  
Current (A) 35.one 44.6 sixty seven.four  
COP(W/W) 2.eighty 2.79 two.eighty  
Drinking water movement (m3/H) twelve.one fifteen.three 23.one  

4.Air Resource Warmth Pump Main Elements Introduction
one)Copeland Compressor :Higher top quality Scroll Compressor.

two)Enthusiast: Properly chosen axial admirer motor mixed with massive admirer blade, which supply hefty air blow at reduced rotate speed, reducing vibration and noise.

three)Enlargement Valve: SXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS./Danfoss Enlargement valve, with far more precise control of refrigerant movement technique, which improve heat pump operating capacity and efficiency beneath distinct ambient circumstances.

4)Substantial Efficient tube in shell drinking water facet warmth trader: Enhance layout of equally interior and outer screwed tube, it helps to enhance heating trade effectiveness, and provide far better heating ability. The particular style of liquid refrigerant circulating tube on the bottom of condenser ensures the heat pump method run effortlessly in extreme operating issue.

5)Air Aspect Warmth exchanger: Blue hydrophilic fin and copper tube heat exchanger.

6)Outfitting each liquid-storage & gas-liquid separator: Our heat pump outfitting the two liquid-storage and gas-liquid separator ensures models run efficiently in different sorts of extreme hostile surroundings. 
seven)AC contactor & Thermal relay: Higher good quality FUJ/Schneider /EATON or other brand contactor and thermal relay can freely change on/off far more times.

8)Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nized PCB Design: Navy amount PCB parts, smart controlling program bolstered a reliable operation of the warmth pump device. Special colored wiring design on the PCB provides fantastic comfort in installation and further maintenance.

nine)Noise Isolated Materials: Using high good quality aerial sound isolated material, sound and vibration is prevented completely.

5. CZPTS Heat Pump Assortment:
(one) Water supply warmth pump
(2) Geothermal supply heat pump
(3) Air supply heat pump, like swimming pool heat pump
(four) EVI air source warmth pump 
(five) Break up heat pump
(6) DC Inverter heat pump

6.About US
We, CZPTS, which recognized in yr 2006, is a modern hi-tech company, specializing in Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and CZPT Refrigeration research, improvement, manufacturing, sales and engineering providers.
Webiste one: http:///
Site 2: http:///
Instagram: EPeurostars_aircon_refrigeration
Youtube EPchannel/UCFwKOPvrf0xSZdOzX0pB52A

Q:Compared with other merchandise, what is actually the edge of CZPTstars heat pumps?
a.  High heating performance
b.  Low cost: compared with the gasoline or gasoline furnace, the heat pump can help save 70% of the strength.
c.  Environmental safety: there is no emission ensuing from burning. The refrigerant for the warmth pump  is environmentally-friendly refrigerant this sort of as R410A, R407C, R134A which will not destroy the ozonosphere.
d.  Safety: the operation of the warmth pump is secure and automated.
e.  Provide OEM/ODM services

Q:Why it can function at -25ºC?
Since of the Increased Vapor Injection (EVI) engineering from Copeland compressor, CZPTS designed EVI gas piping program and managing method, make EVI air supply warmth pump can operate stably in the minimal temperature issue.

eight.CZPTer visit us

9.Air source heat pump shipping or container loading

ten.Installation instruction or set up image, project photographs
A,Location selection of installation Heat pump

 1). Warmth pump should be installed in a large area, and have good air circulation situation.
 2). Air inlet and outlet should be a clear street, the distance from barrier to inlet and outlet need to be for a longer time than 2m.
 3). Set drain ditch or drain outlet, so that can drain drinking water easily.
 4). The set up foundation or bracket have to be company, make certain warmth pump perform balancely.
 5). Make sure heat pump is vertical, are unable to be slanted.
 6). Never set up warmth pump at the location in in which there is loads of pollutional and corrosive fuel or sand or fallen leaves.
 7). The set up area are unable to be close to inflammable, flammable factor or fireplace.
 8). Installation:
—The installation base can be concrete construction, or steel bracket, and should use anti-vibration rubber pad, And the area must be easy.
—The layout of installation foundation can be according to heat pump bodyweight.
—The warmth pump base should be fixed by bolt.
B,Pipe relationship
The drain pipe and overflow pipe need to be mounted in close proximity to drain ditch or drain outlet, easy to drain, and put in drain h2o valve on drain pipe before magnetic valve there need to be service valve on h2o pipe.
 If use plastic pipe (this sort of as PPR pipe or Abs pipe), customers should consider pipe expand and contract problem among warmth pump and water tank.
 Water supply valve and reduce-off valve maybe require insulation (in accordance to regional weather situation),avoid frost crack.
C,H2o pipe method set up
Water pipe should be straight, and the organize should be sensible, lessen bend as small as attainable. Minimize the h2o pipe resistance.
There cannot be leaking at any location of pipe.
Following all equipments and pipes installation finished, customers need to examination water force, and drive air out, drain dirty out, make certain h2o cycle method is  clean. Soon after confirm there is not any problem, then insulate all hot drinking water pipes.
D,Electrical power offer wiring
 220V warmth pump use one phase power offer, 380V heat pump use three stage power provide, wire line is 3phase 4lines, A B C connects live line, N connects null line, E connect earth. Be confident not to hook up N line to dwell line of power provide.
 1).When fixing, please switch electrical power provide at “off” facet.
 2).Electrical power provide connecting process:make positive a equipment electrical power provide is reduce off prior to its set up is concluded. Install power provide swap at appropriate area, Use rubber hole for wiring line in electric box.
Electrical power supply need:
220V rated voltage±10%
380V rated voltage±10%
frequency:50Hz rated frequency±2%
 3).if electrical power provide fluctuation is out of need, please don’t begin your heat pump.


Evi Monoblock Air Source Air to Water Heat Pump

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