High Quality Fiberglass Epoxy Tube

High Quality Fiberglass Epoxy Tube

Merchandise name:epoxy fiber glass tube  

tube  Name: NEWDESEN

Spot of Origin: China (Mainland)                          
Kind: fiberglass Insulation Components tube 
Temperature: 130-a hundred and eighty Degree
Software: High Voltage temperature insulation material                    
Substance: Epoxy resin and glass fiber cloth

Tensile Strength: ≥340MPa                                                                 
Density: two.08g/cm3
Utilization: Motor/Transformer Insulation Protection                                   
Parallel bending power: ≥33KJ/M2                                                    
Vertical electric energy: ≥9Kv
Parallel breakdown voltage: ≥35Kv                                                      
Dielectric reduction issue: ≤0.four
Area resistivity: ≥10 13Ω                                                                    
Surface: flat and easy
Typical Size: 1571mmx 2040mm (forty” x 80″) or CZPT                 
Rated Voltage: ten-a thousand kv  
Dimensions: Normal 980mm×1980mm(38″x78″)1571mmx1220mm(forty”x48″)1571mm x 2040mm(forty” x 80″)1220mmx2470mm(48″ x 97″) Particular technical specs can be CZPT.
Shade: Yellow Black Environmentally friendly or in accordance to customer’s requirment        
H2o absorption(one-20mm thickness): 17~73mg
Attribute: Warmth-Resistant,Dielectric Properties                                         
Sample: Sample Avaliable
CZPT:GB/T 1303-2009 / IEC6 0571 -2003                                          
Certification: SGS, ROHS,CTI

1.Utilized in mechanical, electrical and electronic insulation composition parts. 
2.Utilized in Chemical device areas.
3.Motor management, interaction equipments
four.Separator between the magnetic ring inductors and the foundation of the bottom
5.Thermal electricity units
six.Also suited for substantial voltage transformer and change cabinet, higher temperature, large-power welder even in soaked environment
seven.Used in large-performance electrical insulation needs.
8.FPC Stiffener, PCB drilling plate
nine.precision planetary gears (grinding chips), precision examination plates, 
10.electrical products insulation stays partitions,
11.insulation pads, transformer insulation boards,
twelve.electrical insulation parts, grinding gears,
thirteen.electronic switch insulation boards.
(one)Transformer oil, insulating elements in ICT, ITE, jig plate.
(2)PCB punching reinforcement plate of screening fixture 
(three)Needle plate, carrier board and insulated electric and electronic goods
(four) CZPTal insulation parts, electronic gear, and suitable for the atmosphere which has higher mechanical power, and humidity-resistance.
14. CZPTr for choke and inductor coil
The epoxy glass fiber sheet serves as an insulation spacer for the higher choke.
The typical method inductance is divided into substantial voltage AC method and output DC method. The voltage in between the two copper wires establishes no matter whether to use the spacer. If the guide string is additional and the casing voltage is not high adequate, the spacer shall not be additional. But taking into consideration the regularity, it is far more acceptable to have an insulation spacer in bulk production.  
fifteen. Baseboard for Transformer Bobbin
The features of transformer’s bobbin are as follows:
(1)To supply adequate place for twining copper wires
(two)To repair the magnetic core of the transformer
(three)To support wires twining of the transformer by its wire channels
(4)To serve as a conductive element following it is soldered with tin and related to PCB sheet
(five)To determine the course of the transformer by its chamfer
sixteen. Employed as washers
 (1) Sealing
(two) Increasing friction 
(3) Reducing stress
(4) CZPT large temperature
17. Baseboard for Printed Circuit Board(PCB)
Fiberglass epoxy prepreg is the basic material for the multi-layer PCB. It consists of reinforcing insulation material—-glass fiber impregnated with thermoset resin. So it is suitable for the multilayer printed circuit board. Its flammability is UL94V- grade and following push processing, the final product could meet IPC-4101/21 common.
eighteen. CZPT and digital subject
Large Heating-resistance and Coorision Resisitance has presented it application in several other regions this sort of as transit and weapon business. It is extensively be in PDP, Lcd, energy baseboard, Television set, fridge, washing machine, and so on.
19. Other Apps
(one)Utilized in mechanical, electrical and digital high insulation structure components. 
(two)Utilised in high-overall performance electrical insulation demands as nicely as chemical machine components.
(3)CZPT machines components and gear, generators, Pads, base, baffle as electrical insulation part. 
(four)Generator, transformer, fixture, inverter, motor.

Processing CZPT:
Factory direct sale, diverse dimensions and elements are CZPT.Make sure you get in touch with with our income division straight with provided CAD or 3D drawings, our skilled engineering group will estimate for you!


High Quality Fiberglass Epoxy Tube

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