Municipal Sludge Automatic Screw Filter

Municipal Sludge Automatic Screw Filter

Automatic Screw Filter for oily sludge treatment method

Screw filter is primarily utilized in wastewater therapy industries,these kinds of as :municipal wastewater ,waster h2o from foods,beverage,chemical ,leather-based industries and so forth.,specially for the sludge consists of oil.

Since of screw squeezing engineering ,the electricity intake is quite minimal,so that save managing cost. It is challenging to be blocked,so the quanitity of washing drinking water will be greatly lowered .It can operating continually for 24 several hours,so it has function of most affordable labour price.
Below the same circumstance ,the drinking water use is only one/80 of the belt filter press and the energy consumption is only 1/two of the centrifuge machine
Entirely automatic working,from feeding,including chemical compounds to cake discharging ,all measures can be controlled immediately and can ongoing operate for 24 hours

CZPT data

Design Content D.S.Ability Out Dimension(MM) Net weight Operating Fat
DZDL201 s.s.304
(other material is optional) 
fifteen-20kgds/h 2500*800*1270 420 495
DZDL202 thirty-40kgds/h 2580*1045*1270 470 540
DZDL203 forty five-60kgds/h 2580*1350*1270 690 1030
DZDL301 fifty-70kgds/h 3255*985*1750 900 1300
DZDL302 one hundred-140kgds/h 3455*1300*1750 1350 2000
DZDL303 a hundred and fifty-210kgds/h 3615*1690*1750 1880 2700
DZDL304 two hundred-280kgds/h 3900*2110*1950 2500 3600
DZDL351 100-120kgds/h 4140*1160*2300 1100 2000
DZDL352 two hundred-240kgds/h 4250*1550*2300 2100 3250
DZDL353 three hundred-360kgds/h 4520*1965*2300 3100 4600
DZDL354 four hundred-480kgds/h 4700*2505*2300 4100 5700

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Municipal Sludge Automatic Screw Filter

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