Passenger Lift with Competitive Price and Gearless Traction Motor

Passenger Lift with Competitive Price and Gearless Traction Motor

Asia CZPT CZPT (HangCZPT) Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise that integrates the analysis and development, layout, creation, sales and installation and upkeep of various elevators,found in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. CZPT, HangCZPT CZPT, ZheJiang Province,which has a overall location of three hundred acres and a overall expense of one.3 billion yuan is a key investment decision attraction of HangCZPT CZPT in 2015. At current, the firm has obtained honors like the “National Top quality Inspection Secure and Experienced Items”, “National Good quality and CZPT Fantastic Enterprise” honor certificate and “Large-tech Enterprise” and has gained 11 patents in the elevator business.
The test tower, which integrates elevator and stereo garage inspection and testing, is 159 meters higher,speed up to 10m / s, and the clever stereo garage is 109 meters high. No. one check tower in North China.
Facing the new typical of the economic climate, Asia CZPT CZPT will build in direction of substantial-finish, intelligent, and Net of Things.Facilitate elevators and smart
three-dimensional garages to improve their gear, progress the production sector to chopping-edges, and swiftly attain the grand goal of “dependent on China, dealing with Asia, and going international”! In the following 5-10 many years, Asia CZPT CZPT will reply to the countrywide “One particular Belt and 1 Street” plan,get ZheJiang as the base, ZheJiang , ZheJiang , HangCZPT, and HangCZPT as the window, and established up branches overseas and set up prodcution bases in Southeast Asia. gradually make products to the world to achieve rapid advancement.


Substantial-Stop Smart CONTROL SYSTEM
Asia CZPT CZPT adopts VLSI and microcomputer manage method has greatly reduced the size of the control cabinet, which can be achieved by making use of only a tiny kind of management cabinet no matter of the floor level.

The 32-bit electronic parallel central processing device is utilised to procedure digital alerts and magnetic flux vector calculations of the motor at large speeds in various operating speeds of CZPT CZPT Asia. It has a torque bias function to compensate for load changes, a digital automatic speed regulator ASR system, and CZPT’s unique speed detection circuit to achieve the world’s greatest degree of high-precision pace control (accuracy is .01% of the highest speed , The resolution is .005% of the highest pace of soil), the latest online tuning technology of CZPT Asia has the function of automatically compensating the rated parameters in accordance to temperature changes.
For that reason, the elevator is utilised to make sure high-precision and substantial-dependability handle in the setting of extended-time period procedure and temperature fluctuations.

Utilizing twin 32-little bit parallel central processing units for substantial-speed processing, CZPT most advanced dual shut-loop (length closed-loop, pace shut-loop) system makes certain that the maximum and least expensive speeds (minimal pace of five rpm) can attain Large precision and quick reaction control.At the same time,it has 4-quadrant procedure and opinions perform.In accordance to the elevator running course and passenger fat (how many people),it can covert the weight into an electric signal and feed it again to the central parallel processing device for calculation and control the motor to output the most realistic torque,ideal convenience running effect.



MINIATURE Strength-Saving HOST System

The most recent long lasting magnet gearless tractor was employed to substitute the conventional worm gear traction equipment,which noticing the ultra tiny size,gentle excess weight of the traction machine, also removing the mechanical usage amongst gears. It can preserve energy by much more than sixty% in contrast with the previous elevator technology, and meet the environmental defense needs of least vibration, least machine space, no want for oil, maintenance-cost-free with least sound,

It is a significant technological breakthrough for AC elevator that the substantial-pace operation of CZPT CZPT. With distribution and info comparison system, which routinely adjusts according to the stream of folks to make the elevator operate evenly and comfortably, more improving the elevator’s functioning effectiveness.

Most elevator manufacturers usually use power-consuming braking to dissipate vitality in resistors.CZPT CZPT drag system with a regenerative braking unit (regenerative braking),has the potential to transfer vitality in 4-quadrant operation and feedback to the grid. Therefore, it can save energy by 50% compared to common AC elevator and twenty% than regular FM elevator, which greatly minimizes the functioning cost of elevators.

©VVVF FM handle method&Substantial technologies
CZPT CZPT uses a low-noise vector-controlled inverter to control frequency, voltage, and pace (VVVF), which is an crucial symbol of higher-performance elevator these days. At the very same time, the world’s most innovative IGBT is employed to empower the inverter to accomplish substantial-frequency PWM handle, which greatly decreases the noise of the motor,

electricity use, and extends the existence of the motor directly.


Geographical Rewards and Robust CZPT Electrical power


Asia CZPT CZPT has grow to be a leader in the elevator business soon after a long time of development.It is primarily based in HangCZPT, a high-tech industrial base,has undergone multiple changes in the elevator industry,continuously boost technologies and improve providers, nevertheless at the forefront of the elevator industry. The business specializes in providing mechanical and electrical specific gear income addresses all sorts of CZPT CZPT products,like passenger elevator, escalator, sidewalk, freight elevator, and dining elevator with excellent service quality.

The organization has recognized an powerful administration method in marketing, production, producing, installation, mend, development, top quality handle, and after-revenue service. It has a comprehensive configuration of a variety of relevant testing devices, manufacturing and construction tools, and approach tools, which in accordance with elevator manufacturing basic problems for renovation and upkeep.

Asia CZPT CZPT has licenses issued by the CZPT Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Repub

of China with the Grade A qualification for elevator production, set up, and upkeep.The implementation of high quality and security administration technique, occupational wellness and basic safety management technique, environmental management technique, specializing in the creation of high-top quality, risk-free ‘environmental-friendly products.
Asia CZPT CZPT will uphold the spirit of “safety is the lifeblood, quality is the electrical power” to serve our customers wholeheartedly, to make certain that elevator manufacturing, installation, renovation, and maintenance services meet countrywide expectations and customer requirements.
Strongly ventilated automobile
Passenger CZPT(MR)
The start of Asia CZPT little laptop area elevator has led the elevator business to shift toward small device space gear configuration. Tiny device space elevator can meet the two passenger and freight transportation they are suited for business office, resort, residential developing and skyscraper.Asia CZPT small equipment area elevator is pushed by permanent magnet gearless traction machine to make certain protected and dependable operation, decrease sounds and better overall performance.

©Small device space,place-conserving,reduce the value,substantial effectiveness

The use of small equipment space elevator technological innovation not only speeds up the construction development and makes certain the clean procedure of the building undertaking, but also straightforward to substitute the traction machine when it needs to be modified, although the conventional push program are not able to meet this kind of a hassle-free transformation.

Passenger CZPT(MRL)
With the advancement of science and technologies,MRL elevator was developed by Asia CZPT CZPT,which was additional to the inside CZPT destroying the original visual appeal of ancient structures. This technologies has reached long term magnet gearless traction
MRL elevator soon after a number of trials and experime

Asia CZPT CZPT, adopting VVVF manage technologies and long term magnet synchronous motor technologies, conserving energy and guarding the atmosphere, CZPT occupying place, it is a competitive home elevator solution that have various fashion, multi-useful and so on.
Asia CZPT CZPT turn into the ideal option for the renovation of previous buildings because of to little in dimension, higher in efficiency, gentle in weight, straightforward to handle of the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine.
Benefits of MRL passenger elevator

  1. With light-weight noise and vibration–substantial precision gear box with compact construction, sleek operating, small vibration and really low noise
  2. Makes use of integrated motor and gear box–a single long lasting magnet synchronous AC servo motor and equipment box are highly integrated
  3. Entirely protected and reputable–uses rotation transformer, safer and a lot more reliable than ordinary traction equipment encoder
  4. Patented design–15 many years upkeep-free refueling operation 5.Heating up slowly and gradually layout–traction device enthusiast-free of charge only slightly heating
  1. Straightforward to set up–the traction equipment can be flipped, inverted or hung anytime in accordance to demand
  2. AES emergency system–AES automatic leveling device or manual device can be used in circumstance of power failure
  3. Minimal sounds and vibration–outfitted with shock absorption pads to reduce sound and vibration
    1. % energy-conserving–The energy-saving rate of the new permanent magnet synchronous traction device reaches far more than sixty% allowing the operator to preserve more expenses

Property CZPT(MRL)
Adopting the framework style of the MRL not only will save the building room and minimize down bills, enriches the gorgeous design of the buildingalso with no air pollution and lower sound which certainly comprehend environmental-pleasant The inside framework is concise and uses LED lights is not only a agent of the completely automatic equipment of modern day structures, but also a manifestation of the inherent beauty of buildings.

Panoramic CZPT(MR)
New elevators employing FM gating, intelligent remote checking, mainframe power preserving, reduced-noise and resilient management cabinets, and environmentally pleasant composite metal belts have gathered the newest scientific investigation achievements of human beings in the fields of equipment, electronics, and optics. Out of the glory of humanity.
Asia CZPT CZPT has a variety of shapes, triangle, square, semi-diamond, semi-circular, entire-circular sightseeing elevator, so that the sight of passengers in it is no lengthier shut. This creative stage is the excellent complex accomplishment of generations of innovative engineers who are consistently strengthening the elevator.

Functions of Panaramic CZPT
Integrating with the constructing and the surrounding atmosphere, it is not only gets to be a component of the developing, but also adds a beautiful landscape that moves.
The glass fiber reinforced plastic body composition of the sightseeing elevator not only completely shows the compact space lines and the overall beauty it can also be designed according to different civil constructions, which is convenient and fast. CZPTly, circular, semi-round and sq. designs can be used.
The smooth and comfortable riding feeling and the multi-angled scenery outside the ladder bring users a pleasing pleasure.
It is broadly employed in numerous public and non-public buildings, this kind of as shopping malls, lodges, business office properties, tourist sights, and large-finish residences.


Panoramic CZPT(MRL)
Asia CZPT Sightseeing CZPT Cancel the elevator machine room CZPT escalating the plane dimensions of the hoistway, which saves space outside the hoistway, effectively uses the building space, and also facilitates the reconstruction of the building and improves the flexibility of architectural design degree.
Asia CZPT Sightseeing CZPT has world-class space-saving design. For the same car area, the hoistway plane size has certain positive aspects compared with other company’s products.

A large variety of miniaturized and intelligent parts, this sort of as micro-connectors, IPM intelligent electrical power modules, etc., lessen the quantity in the handle panel big-scale surface bonding engineering and large-scale higher-integrated circuit dedicated chips, large degree of integration , Greater trustworthiness.

Fast response, practical upkeep, and handy perform expansion
The permanent magnet synchronous motor is utilized to miniaturize the doorway machine. The door equipment gadget is improved from the first linkage mechanism or deceleration mechanism to a immediate travel timing belt strategy, which enhances the stability and dependability of the door opening and closing. The higher-overall performance RISC one-chip microprocessor of the smart door machine technique can detect and memorize the door bodyweight of each floor, and immediately alter to the best doorway opening and closing velocity and torque, so as to make sure the smooth operation of each doorway. Accurately detect the load of the door.

Healthcare CZPT
Aisa CZPT Health-related CZPT utilizes the most recent control technologies, barrier-free of charge, focused obtain and other configurations. The leveling of the elevator is accurate to millimeter models, enabling medical doctors and clients to reach the vacation spot flooring rapidly, producing the procedure extremely relaxed and secure. It is suitable for carrying patients. And can tremendously ease the rigidity introduced to the affected person when the elevator is managing.
Freight CZPT(MR)
the Most CZPT CZPT
Asia FUJ CZPT is a single of the world’s foremost systems. It is a sturdy and secure consultant. It is a sturdy god of

motion in the constructing. , Freight terminals, equipment equipment generation crops to modern day and distinguished Class A business structures, etc., up to five-star hotels, warehouse storage, etc., can greatly conserve vitality use.
Vehicle CZPT
The structural layout of Asia CZPT Automotive CZPT is tailored to the sudden enhance and reduce of car load, and it solves the defect of uneven load on classic freight elevators. There are two management button boxes in the auto, so the driver can work the elevator CZPT getting out of the auto.

Big capacity,wide quantity, straightforward to hook up

Car elevators have a large rated load, generally above 3 tons, and the volume in the car is large enough to carry various small cars. The design of entrance and rear by means of doorways allows vehicles to move straight and quic

Asia CZPT CZPT makes use of new supplies and advanced technological innovation to style and manufacture escalator,which tends to make merchandise operate effortlessly, have minimal sounds, are durable, and are easy to sustain. At the very same time, it has an beautiful composition, a innovative stairway, an beautiful look, and a soft and present day layout fashion.

Easy,Quite,Modern day
Aisa CZPT Escalator has the advantages of constant perform, huge transportation capacity, and even flow of people. It is commonly utilised in public locations this kind of as section shops, business office structures, stations, airports, yards, and subway stations exactly where individuals circulation.

Moving walk

      • Asia CZPT collection escalator and sidewalk can routinely check the operating position of the escalator and sidewalk with innovative microcomputer control systems and self-diagnosis devices. Once faults or abnormalities are found, they will be displayed on the digital tube in real time, which totally safeguards secure and reputable operation of escalator and sidewalk.
      • Xihu (West Lake) Dis.nized board safeguards the brush perform it additional guards the safety of passengers.
      • Automated lubrication program with stable overall performance and excellent lubrication conditions to make sure the normal operation of the gear extend the service life.
      • With uniquely shaped handrail entry system, like a “protective hand”, efficiently stops foreign objects from moving into the handrail travel spot, producing the operation of escalators and sidewalks safer and more reliable.
      • Asia CZPT sequence of escalator and transferring stroll employs the identical production approach. All basic safety products and electrical security requirements fully comply with GB16899 and international EN115 safety technology standards and the strict safety guidelines of CZPT elevator.


Passenger Lift with Competitive Price and Gearless Traction Motor

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