Wuxi Short Cycle Presses for MDF, Melamine Hot Press, Laminate Hot Press Machine

Wuxi Short Cycle Presses for MDF, Melamine Hot Press, Laminate Hot Press Machine

Device attributes:
1. The machine is commonly employed for very hot-urgent lamination of melamine paper on density board, granular board and multilayer board.
2. The machine has unbiased power method and electrical method. It can comprehend manual adjustment and semi-automated procedure by making use of button centralized handle.
3. The functioning force, time and temperature of the machine can be modified according to the procedure requirements.
4. Frame framework (integral) adopts large-good quality steel plate welded frame framework with adequate stiffness and strength.
5. NC machining of the complete frame guarantees that the parallel accuracy is considerably less than .1 mm and the flatness is much less than .one mm/m2
six.The press is geared up with synchronous connecting rod mechanism, positioning slides and other balancing mechanisms to make certain the easy procedure of the machine.

CZPT technique:
The method is a quickly shut pressurization technique with hydraulic overload protection device to stop injury triggered by ultra-high strain. 

CZPT handle method:
The electric powered system is controlled by PLC and geared up with touch display options: plate thickness, time, stress and temperature, etc. pressing process parameters, sending out pertinent indicators to management the press. Energy line is 3-stage 4-wire program. The electric cupboard is equipped with leakage protection and ventilation actions the electrical manage box is equipped with emergency cease switch and the electrical program has full line security operate.

Advancement attributes:
Pick Italian section servo motor oil pump rapidly hydraulic technique,peaceful and effective, The closure time was less than 1.two s and the compression time was considerably less than 1 s.
Entire established of German CZPT solenoid valve method.
Optional break up body, widening and heightening, longer services daily life.
The main cylinder adopts a particular lengthened plunger cylinder, and the cylinder block is forged and shaped in 1 time, therefore getting rid of the flaws of sand holes (effortless to leak oil) in the pouring cylinder block. The cylinder block has high power and is not easy to crack. one. Cylinder stroke: 250mm2. Seal ring: customized imported Y-sort seal ring 3. Warmth insulation plate: polymer heat insulation plate four. Oil gathering plate: cooling, cooling, gathering residual liquid.
Feed conveyor (servo rapidly sort) belt conveyor, outfitted with push roll and servo motor, total a feeding time: <3 seconds (one in and one out), and ensure that each feeding position is the same and accurate. The front roll of the plate feeder is designed as a small diameter roller, which reduces the falling height of the base plate, and is equipped with cushioning slope to prevent paper breakage. 

CZPT data:

Solution Show:

What providers to provide:
one. Style and make dependent upon your creation need to have. Provide tools placement basis drawing
2. 1 year guarantee for the equipment. CZPTtime after-sales provider and servicing.
3. Skilled crew for oversea machine installation&debugging.
four. Support practice and guidebook machine working.

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Wuxi Short Cycle Presses for MDF, Melamine Hot Press, Laminate Hot Press Machine

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